Corrugated custom bakery packaging from New Method Packaging.

We manufacture custom corrugated bakery packaging boards, which can be cut into various shapes and sizes, including circles, squares and rectangles. Our custom cake circles and boards can be used for cheesecakes, custom cakes and more.  Our white uncoated circles are often used for pizzas. Most orders for these products require a minimum of 5,000 unless specified otherwise.


Our boards come in Gold Foil, High White Coated, White Uncoated (or Sno Brite), and Bakeable PET Coated Corrugated and can be custom made into rectangles, circles, or any shape you need. We can cut our boards to as large as 40″ x 60″.

For more than 30 years, we have been an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of bakery packaging products. You can trust that our custom bakery packaging will meet your expectations.

Custom Bakery Squares & Rectangles

Custom squares and rectangles are available from 4″ x 4″ to as large as 40″ x 60″. Orders for custom squares and rectangles require a minimum of 5,000 pieces.

  • Rounded Corners
  • Square Corners
  • Straight Edges
  • Scallop Edges

Custom Bakery Circles

Custom circles are available from a diameter of 4″ to 40″. Orders for custom circles require a minimum of 5,000 pieces. Ask us if we have these in stock for immediate delivery.

  • Straight Edges
  • Scallop Edges

Custom Bakery Packaging Shapes

Our custom circles and boards provide you with corrugated product that is exactly the right shape and size to meet your needs. The heavy board provides a platform for your best cakes, cheesecakes, and pizzas. The gold foil boards, high white coated boards, and uncoated white boards can be cut as large as 40 inches x 60 inches. The PET Bakeable Board is available in sizes as large as 50 inches x 60 inches. You just need to let us know what shape and size you need, as long as your minimum order is 5,000 pieces.