We make high-quality disposable bakeable trays and circles that can tolerate temperatures of 425 degrees.

We manufacture high-gloss P.E.T. laminated products that are bakeable and disposable. They are perfect for bake-in applications such as brownies and cheesecake. These corrugated products are made from a are both heat-resistant and waterproof. The board can be die-cut into custom sizes as large as 50″ x 60″.

Protection from Baking to Shipping to Shelf

The design of our disposable products provides protection for your baked goods throughout the entire process of baking them in your ovens through shipping and handling. This is why you may refer to these products as “bake-and-ship” packaging. Our products will help protect your delicious baked goods from moisture during transportation, which helps avoid spoiling.

Disposable Baking Circles

We currently manufacture P.E.T. Disposable Baking Circles in the standard cheesecake sizes of 3″, 5″ 6″, 7″, 8″, 9″, 10” and 12″. We have several sizes available and are willing to make custom sizes with minimum 5000 run quantities. Learn more about our disposable baking circles »

Disposable Baking Trays

Our disposable baking trays offer a time saving and money-saving alternative to conventional baking trays. These corrugated paper baking trays allow you to bake and ship your product in the same tray. Learn more about our disposable baking trays »