Answers to common questions from potential customers.

Q: How much does it cost to get custom printing on my pizza boxes?

The cost depends on the volume you need and how many colors you print on the boxes. For example, if you order 12 bundles at a time the upcharge would be more than if you ordered 100 bundles at a time.

Q: Can I get custom printed pizza boxes with more than two colors?

Yes, in smaller runs of 100 bundles or less.  We have digital printing capabilities. We can print as many colors as you need on those runs. For high volume runs, from 100 bundles to truckload quantities, we can do 1-4 colors.

Q: How long will it take for my custom printed pizza boxes to arrive?

Your first order will take three weeks. Sequential orders average 10 days to two weeks.

Q: Is there a wait for an order of stock pizza boxes or bakery packaging products?

Our standard lead time on stock pizza boxes or stock bakery packaging is 10 days to two weeks.

Q: I have never used your products before. How do I know they will meet my high standards for quality?

We have built our reputation on producing the highest quality corrugated packaging. We will fill any sample request, so that you can see the product before ordering.

Q. What types of customers do you handle?

  • Wholesale Food Processors
  • Large Bakeries
  • Small Bakeries
  • Distributors

Q. I am an Independent Store Owner, can I order directly from you?

We work primarily through our distributors. Please contact us and we will put you in touch with a distributor in your area.

Q. If I order custom products, will I have the chance to review and approve them before the order is printed and shipped?

We will make custom cut and printed samples for approval upon your request.

Q: Can I get ovenable products in custom sizes?

Yes, we can make our ovenable products in custom sizes.  This includes trays, pads and circles. We can design your product in house and engineer CAD drawings and custom-cut samples upon request. You can also send us your design and we can recreate it for you. We are also open to and capable of new product development.