Corrugated ovenable baking trays from New Method Packaging feature FDA-approved PET laminate. Custom sizes are available.

We manufacture a line of ovenable trays that are covered with a high-gloss P.E.T. laminate. These trays are bakeable and disposable. They are perfect for bake-in applications such as bake-and-ship pizzas. For more than 30 years, we have been an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of bakery packaging products. You can trust that our bakeable, disposable trays will meet your expectations.

Disposable baking tray for brownies.

Bakeable Trays Save Time & Money

Our bakeable trays are made from a corrugated pape that is both heat-resistant and waterproof. The board can be die-cut into forms as large as 50″ x 60″. These disposable trays are designed to allow you to bake and ship on the same tray, which is more efficient than traditional baking trays. They have a high gloss laminate finish with excellent appearance and excellent release qualities and comes in various finishes, which are all non-detect:

  • Kraft
  • Black
  • White
  • Silver

The polycoating on these products provides an excellent barrier for grease and moisture. P.E.T comes in E, B, or C-flute., and these products can tolerate a temperature of 425 degrees for up to 30 minutes.


Various Sizes of Disposable Baking Trays

We currently manufacture P.E.T. disposable baking trays in sizes of 1/8 sheet, 1/4 sheet and half sheet. We have several sizes available and are willing to make custom sizes with minimum 5,000 run quantities.

Leak-Proof Trays

Item No.DescriptionInside DiminesionFlute
9X6X2PETE1/8OVENLPS8 7/8x6 1/4x2E
9X6X2.5PETE1/8OVENLPT8 7/8X6 1/4X2.5E
12X8X2PETE1/4OVENLP12"X8"x2 1/8"E
12X9X2PETB1/4OVENLPS12 1/2"X8 3/4"X2"B
12X9X25PETB1/4OVENLPT12 1/2"X8 3/4"X2 1/2"B
16X12X2PETB1/2OVENLPS16 1/8"X12 1/8"X1 7/8"B
16X12X2PETBM1/2OVENLPM16 1/8"X11 13/16"X2 1/8"B
16X12X2375PETB1/2OVENLPT16 1/8"X12 1/8"X2 3/8"B
24X16X2PETBFULLOVENLP24 1/4"X15 1/4"X1 7/8"B

Fold-Out Trays

Item No.DescriptionDiminesionFlute
12X8X2PETE1/4OVENFOS11 15/16"X7 7/8"X1 7/8"E
12X8X2125PETE1/4OVENFOT11 15/16"X7 7/8"X2 1/8"E
16X12X25PETB1/2OVENFOM16"X12"X2 1/2"B
16X12X35PETB1/2OVENFOT16"X12"X3 1/2"B