Elegant silver cake circles from New Method Packaging.

If you are looking for elegant, sturdy silver cake circles for your bakery or restaurant operations, then we have exactly what you need. For more than 30 years, we have been an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of bakery packaging products. You can trust that our silver circles will meet your expectations.

Various sizes of silver cake circles, stacked on top of each other.

Durable Silver Circles

Our beautiful silver cake circles provide an elegant touch to the presentation of your cake, but they also provide a sturdy foundation for handling and transportation.

The base of our silver cake circles is made from a heavy weight 200# plus C-flute corrugated paper, which provides extra strength and sturdiness, ensuring they won’t bend or give when you move the cake. All of our silver cake circles are single-wall corrugated construction, but double-wall is also available.

Striking Finish, Smooth, Rounded Edges

For the finish, we laminate the board with an FDA-approved silver laminate. This gives the cake circle a bright, glossy overcoat that creates a reflective finish that absolutely shines. For the final touches and an upscale appearance, the edges are cut smooth with a rounded corner. The bottom of the circle is Kraft.

Various Sizes of Silver Cake Circles

We manufacture our silver cake circles in various sizes


Custom Cut Silver Cake Circles

Our silver cake circles can be custom cut into other sizes and shapes, but there is an additional cost for the cutting die.